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5 Organic Loose Leaf Teas Designed For Every Time of Day

These teas have been designed to prop you up in times of need, to get your morning going, your lunch time luscious, your cravings calmed, the social sorted and the night time super snoozy. The 5 pack starter kit is the perfect gift for a sober friend.

If you're thinking of going sober or are already treading this path then these teas are here so you always have something yummy at hand throughout your day.

Organic Loose Leaf Tea. Ethically Sourced and packaged in Australia.

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Buy the Starter Kit! 5 Packs of Loose Leaf Tea (150 Cups)

This package is the perfect gift for a sober or sober curious friend. 5 teas designed for different times of the day. All made with organic ingrediants and packaged with a heaped teaspoon of sober love. A great opportunity to try all the new Cuppa flavours and with 150 cups in total you will have lots of time to decide on your favourite! Time to get cosy and put the kettle on!

The pack includes The Sober Sunrise. The Happy Tummy Tea. The Cravings Tea. The Night Time Cosy Tea and the Hibiscus Mocktail Tea.

All organic loose leaf teas that are ethically sourced and packaged in Australia. Designed especially for the sober, the sober curious and anyone that needs a healthy distraction from booze.

Buy The 5 Pack for $75.50

Tea for Sober Life

Cuppa Teas have been created by Victoria Vanstone, Author and the host of the Sober Awkward Podcast and CEO of the Cuppa sober social platform. Vic creates tools that help you prop up your sober journey and hopes these teas tickle your tastebuds and give you a treat that doesn't give you a headache!

'Since giving up alcohol I have become a huge tea drinker! So I decided to combine all my favourite tastes and flavours and create 5 speciality teas for different times of the day so that you always have something to reach for. I hope you can enjoy a Cuppa with friends and help me on my mission to normalise meeting for a lovely cup of tea rather than a pint.'

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The Sober Awkward Podcast

Sober Awkward is the comedy podcast all about giving up booze. Join Vic and Hamish as they dig into everything sobriety. If you’ve hit a wall, you're fed up with anxiety, headaches and blackouts or you just need some sober inspiration... then go put the kettle on and learn how to feel the awkward and do it anyway!

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